• Other people don’t create your spirit,
    other people reveal your spirit.

    – John Ortberg –


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It’s true for all of us… it’s hard to ask for help! It’s difficult to ask from people we know and love, let alone talking to a complete stranger in an unfamiliar setting. I get that. But I am of the belief that there are two categories of people: those who could be helped by therapy and those who actually go out and try it. So, if you are stepping out, asking for help, and giving therapy a try – good for you for taking a risk.

Be patient toward all that is yet unresolved in your heart

My goal right off the bat is to listen carefully to what is going on and build a trust with my clients. Regardless of the issue at hand, I believe the most important and powerful tool is to have a trusted relationship in your corner.

I am also of the belief that each client has personal resources within them and outside of them in order to assist with whatever changes a person is wanting to make in their life; so, my goal is to help a person not only lean into those resources, but develop new ones as well.

A Quick Note to the Men Out There…

There is less of a stigma around counseling these days for sure, but I understand if counseling isn’t your choice or something that you are looking forward to . . . on par with a trip to the dentist. I consider my approach to be conversational and hope to make the experience better than enduring necessary pain. I’ve worked with a lot of men, both young and old, throughout my 25 years of people helping and have appreciated the pain, laughter, transparency, and hard work many of my male clients have brought to the counseling room.


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Meet Tyler Loomis

I am no stranger to hardship. My wife and I have experienced having a still-born baby in 2001 and had 3 more failed pregnancies to follow. This helped usher us into the wonderful world of adoption and foster care – so I have a heart for fertility issues and adoption.


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